Home Security Tips

Home safety check list

1.Install a burglar alarm and make sure it is visible.

2.Always fit good-quality locks on doors and windows, a burglar is less likely to break in if they have to smash a window.

3.If you go out even for a short time, make sure you lock up and switch alarm on .

4.Always keep keys away from windows and doors.

5.Fit a ‘spy hole’ and chain to your door so you can see/hear who is calling.

6.If you can get into your house without keys, so can a burglar.

7.Put timer switches on your TV and lights so it looks like you are at home when you’re out.

8.Visible burglar alarms, locks/grilles and security lighting are excellent deterrents.

9.Don’t forget to cancel any deliveries such as milk and papers when you go on holiday.

10.Alarms can be very effective but you need to change the code regularly to gain maximum benefit from them.

11.Home safes are becoming increasingly popular too, so you may want to consider asking a specialist locksmith to specify and install one.

12.While you are reviewing your security it is also worth considering when your keys were last replaced, whether past owners or tenants may still have access to your home and whether anyone may have made copies of your keys without your knowledge. If you are worried ask a professional locksmith to change your locks and fit a patented system, whereby keys can only be copied with proof of ownership.

13.Consider your own influence on the level of security for your home and make sure you don’t indulge bad habits such as leaving keys in locks or in view that you and your family may have. Simple tips such as always setting alarms, changing codes on a frequent basis and locking any side or back gates can make a substantial difference and deter attack.

14.Make sure you source a good quality lock to protect your garden shed and its contents, if you have one.

15.Statistics show that thieves are increasingly breaking into homes to steal car keys so don’t make it easy for them by leaving keys in view

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